APB160N shares the same manufacturing features of the APB120N model, with the exception of a different micro reducer and the related reduction ratio. So, APB160N can easily reach higher Nm values rather than the basic unit APB120N. Both APB units are based on the same Hikoki multivolt 18-36V batteries (supplied along with the APB tools) that allow to provide the APB devices the power required for the emergency interventions on electric actuators, the normal routine activities and the interventions on particular areas, such as below ground chambers.


It is particularly recommended for emergency operations when no electrical power is available, on electrified multi-revolution actuation systems. Thanks to its light weight and small sizes, it can be used in any position (either vertical or horizontal); it’s the ultimate tool for operators looking for power also in particular sites, such as underground chambers.

Portable Actuator (RPM300N)

Portable Tripod and Gearbox Set for Underground Valves
RPM300N ready for manual operation with APS100N (left)